Ceiling Mounted Bathroom Heat Lamp

Bathroom Heater Prices

Installing a bathroom heater can significantly enhance the comfort and convenience of your bathroom. Ceiling and wall-mounted units can either warm up and circulate the existing air, or they can eliminate the stale air, while blowing in warm, comfortable air, instead.

You can also consider an option of purchasing a low-cost stand-alone unit that will be adequate for heating relatively modest spaces. There are designs that can be perfect for homes with new infants, aging adults and for people who simply want to enjoy having a moderate and even temperature, when exiting the shower stall or bathtub. The following is a sampling of a few popular bathroom heaters, along with the overview of benefits and prices.

Cadet CBC103TW Com-Pak 120-240V 1000 Watt Bathroom Heater Cadet CBC103TW Com Pak 120-240V, 1000-Watt Bathroom Heater retails for around $200 plus. This is a wall-mounted bathroom heater designed to instantly warm an area of about 100 square feet. It includes improved built-in controls with a thermostat that ranges from 45 to 105 degrees Fahrenheit, and a thermostat disabled (no heat) position. The unit features smooth edges, and a painted heating element designed to resist rusting. It also includes a 60 minute timer.

Cadet CSC102TW Com-Pak Plus 240V 1000 Watt Wall Heater Cadet CSC102TW Com-Pak Plus 240V 1000 Watt Wall Heater retails for about $150-$200.

When shopping for a new bathroom heater, consider the needs of people in your household. Stand-alone units are by far the cheapest designs to secure; however, there are a range of safety issues that must be taken into account even when these models are encased in a water-proof housing. Wall heaters are typically housed in plastic, and thus, do not have the potential for causing contact burns, however, they often lack the efficiency of some of the more costly, ceiling-mounted designs.

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