Bathroom Remodeling Ideas and Trends

Now that we have lived through the economic and political ups and downs of the last year and even survived the end of the world, many homeowners are actively pouring in their time and resources in remodeling their homes. And guess what? Bathroom remodeling and renovation tops the list of these home improvement projects.

luxurious-bathrooms Having busy, often stressful lives, it is becoming clear that for many of us bathrooms are becoming a lot more than just functional spaces in our homes.

From using the bathroom to look sharp for work in the morning, to occupying the space to unwind after a long day during the night, we are looking for more beautiful, stylish, luxurious bathroom spaces.

Innovations in bathroom design, decor, vanities and accessories keep on multiplying, so there is no shortage of creative ideas and cutting edge products to help bring you closer to realizing your dream bathroom project.

Tile Extravaganza

creative bathroom tile designs If you thought tiles were boring and had an office-like feel, think again! Today, tiles are one of the best ways to give your bathroom a total make-over and achieve a unique look. You are no longer confounded to traditional ceramic tiles of standard sizes and colors.

Instead, you can let your imagination run wild with a wide range of possibilities for tile materials such as porcelain, glass, metal, stone in addition to the good ol’ ceramic. Each material offers a distinct look and comes in wide range of colors, sizes.

Of course, for truly upscale and luxurious bathrooms you can go all out and custom order your own tile patterns. You can do as much or as little with tiles as you like, from having accent tiles around your vanities, to floor or wall tiles, to covering your entire bathroom with tiles from floor to ceiling.

Say Yes to Luxury

Natural Stone Bathroom and Glass Shower One trend that is hard to ignore is the collective desire for a truly luxurious bathroom space.

The feeling of a personal spa, a safe haven within your own home. One way to achieve this look and feel is to get rid of the traditional big bulky tub and install a beautiful soaking tub that you can sit and relax in for hours by yourself or with someone special. Another highly option is to go for an expanded, walk-in shower space with frame-less glass, benches, niches and dual shower heads.

When it comes to vanity tops, granite is no longer the only luxury option. More and more homeowners are discovering the unique beauty of such upscale materials as travestine, quartz, and Calacatta marble.

Heated Flooring

Heated Bathroom Floors Increasingly, homeowners are seeking comfort in their bathroom spaces. Nothing is more cozy and comfortable then stepping onto a warm floor after the shower, rather than being shocked by freezing cold floor tiles.

Consequently, more and more homeowners are opting to heat their bathroom floors and there is a wide range of possibilities to choose from.

Consider such options as radiant electric heating, a special mesh that is placed under tiles when they are set and is connected to a thermostat on the wall, electronic heat-mat systems that can be placed both under the floor and under the walls. Many of these options use little energy and will not cost you thousands of dollars to purchase and install.

Green bathrooms

creative bathroom tile designs

Environmental concerns will continue to be on the minds of many homeowners, which will have a tremendous influence on their choices when it comes to home improvement. The demand for green building materials, and bathroom accessories will keep on growing, contributing to a steadily growing stream of Eco-friendly products. One easy and fairly inexpensive way to incorporate green accessories into your own bathroom is to go for an Eco-friendly shower head and faucet.

Another product to consider is low flow toilets that regulate the amount of water released. Depending on your water usage, you may want to look into another popular energy saving product: an on-demand water system.

This system instantly heats water for your bathroom when you turn it on, so that you do not waste energy with a traditional water heater, which needs to be constantly on to keep the water hot. Finally, if you go for heated flooring, it is a great idea to install a timer, so that you do not waste waste energy heating up the floor when no one is at home.


modern bathroom furniture The economic downturn has shifted the way many people are choosing to spend their hard-earned dollars on remodeling. There is a noticeable preference for planning, less careless spending on useless accessories, and an overall effort to achieve the most functionality in the renovated space.

Bathrooms are no exception, and this is especially true for homeowners who are choosing to stay in their current homes and are looking to maximize the functionality of their bathrooms. Space saving shelves, cabinets, customized built-in cabinet solutions replace the bulky accessories that used to overcrowd bathroom spaces. Overall, achieving the feeling of open air and space is becoming of paramount importance in modern bathrooms.

Original Color Palette

beautiful bathroom color scheme There is one color that is everyone’s kid on the block and that is charcoal. Hailed as the new black, this color is synonymous with sophisticated yet simple spaces. This unique color is highly attractive to the eye, being a blend of chocolate grey and green hues. You can utilize this color in many ways from choosing it as a color for your bathroom cabinets, to making it the color of your walls.


Overall, this will be the year of bold colors and using colors as accents.

However, it is important to remember that its best to choose more neutral shades for permanent areas in your bathroom such as tiles, and choose bright / bold colors for areas and things that can be easily replaced and transformed without too much hassle and money.

You do not want to spend thousands of dollars on expensive emerald green tiles only to realize one year later that you are tired of being hit in the face with this color every time you walk into your bathroom.

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