Top 5 Designer Tricks to Creatively Expand Your Bathroom Space

Today, bathrooms have become so much more than just a functional room in your home. Bathrooms are special personal spaces, and we love to decorate them.

Whether creating a look of lavish luxury, ultra modern simplicity, a romantic sensual haven, or a relaxing spa, physical space is often an issue.

Many of us do not have huge bathroom spaces that we see in designer idea books, so the first step to achieving your own dream bathroom look, is to give your space the visual illusion of expansion.

Once your bathroom feels larger, you will be amazed at how many more decorating options you will have to play with.


Here are 5 secret designer tricks to visually expanding your bathroom’s space. Be sure to consult with your designer or contractor to make sure that these tips will work in your particular space:

1. Take your shower tiles to the ceiling.

shower tiles

Regardless of how small your shower space is, laying the shower tile to the ceiling will create an illusion of more space. When the tile goes all the way up, it does not create a forced break at the wall that the eye tends to notice and concentrate on.

Also, consider laying tiles vertically rather than horizontally, as this will also help draw the eye up to the ceiling. With this trick, you can even use dark tiles if you would like, without worrying that they will make the area look crammed and small.

2. Go for the extremes in tile size: Large or Mosaic


For a larger-than-life feel in your bathroom, use large tiles. They will help visually expand the space, where as small or even medium size tiles will break it up too much, making it look much smaller. This is especially true for the floor.

While you may think that putting small floor tiles on a floor makes sense in a tiny bathroom, the opposite is actually true. If your floor can support big tiles, go for them.

Big tiles will also mean less busy-looking grout lines. If you decide to go for large floor tiles, do not use ceramic ones, as they will be more likely to crack.

Instead, use marble or another polished stone. For this look to work, be sure that tiles do not have any patterns on them, as this will kill the bold expansive look you are trying to achieve.

Lastly, you should use the same color grout as the color of tiles, using contrasting colors will also ruin the visual effect of a bigger space.


If the look of large tiles really does not sit well with you, the other option is to use tiny tiles. That is right, mosaic tiles will also create an illusion of bigger space by having the eye wonder and explore the intricate designs and patterns. You can use ceramic material for mosaic size tiles, but it might look even better if you go for glass.


The bottom line is, for a bigger looking space go for the extremes in tile size and avoid the standard 6 or 10 inch tile.

Before you make any final decisions, be sure to take different samples and lay them out on your floor and walls to get a sense of what it would look like.

One designer trick to remember is: never use bigger wall tiles than floor tiles, especially in a small space. This will create a very awkward looking, wrongly proportioned space.

3. Light color wins

light-color-bathroom Generally, light color tile is better for small spaces, as light colors tend to open up the room.

If you love bright colors and want to add a splash of color in your tile, it is best to put these colorful tiles higher up closer to the ceiling, while still keeping the general scheme light.

Light colors do not have to be dull or boring, and it is actually better to use a couple of different light colors to create an illusion of something visually going on, rather than using just one light color all the way through.

Another designer trick worth considering is to use the same color tile both for your walls and floor.

4. Free up floor and wall space

bathroom-decor-ideas If you have a small bathroom, putting in a huge counter or vanity, no matter how stylish or beautiful, will kill the space.

Instead, you can open up your space by using a pedestal or wall mounted sink.

Consider using a frameless shower enclosure-it will also open the space.

If you still need storage space, go for a smaller size vanity, there is a wide variety of styles to choose from.

A stylish vanity can become the focus point of the bathroom around which you can actually plan the decor of the entire space.

Anything that sticks out in a small bathroom will make the space feel crammed. To open the space, remove any unnecessary shelves, hanging racks, small decorative accessories and any general clutter you have in plain view and you will instantly see the difference.

Find other spaces in your home where you can store the necessary accessories.

Another great trick to minimize the cluttered look is to make your toiletries less noticeable by purchasing containers that are the same color as your tile. This will help create a seamless flowing look for open space.

5. Mirror Mirror on the wall


Mirrors are an essential and easy trick to expanding your bathroom’s space and give it depth. Remove the small mirror you have above the vanity and replace it with a large mirror that will go from the ceiling down to the vanity.

If you have enough wall space, you can add another mirror across the room to reflect the space. For a unique artistic flare, consider an arrangement of mirrors instead of just one large mirror.

In a tiny bathroom with limited wall space, you can use mirror tile and cover up a closet or a cabinet for a similar effect.

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